RA and the Immune System

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My father has had RA for the last 30 years and his immune system is now at a critical level.

He is now being sent for a bone marrow test and fears he's got leukaemia (the doctor hasn't said why he's sending him for this test) and I wondered if you could tell me whether this is a normal process when the immune system is low? Is there any positive news I can give him to stop him worrying?

His background is that he's in his late 70's, taken most of the RA drugs prescribed to him over the years and suffered a major heart attack about four years ago. Since the heart attack, he's always been tired and weak.

Many thanks in advance.


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    Dear Jean

    I can imagine what a worrying time this is for you, your father and the whole family. Where the immune system is concerned it is not possible to say what would be the normal process as it really depends on what is going on with each individual. In your fathers case it seems there are several medical issues going and so it is likely his doctors are checking things out based on his presenting symptoms. Until his test results come through, the best thing you can do to help him is remain calm, as stress in the family is not going to help his immune system cope with the RA or anything else that may or may not be going on.

    It sounds like you are very caring and loving daughter, who is understandably very worried about her father. In these situations it can make us feel helpless, however just by being there I’m sure you are helping to support your father and family through this difficult period. Right now I am wondering who is supporting you. Waiting for test results can be a very difficult time. Sometimes just off loading our fears to someone impartial can help us regain strength to support others. If it would help to talk things through I would encourage you to give us a call. I’m sure that he knows the most positive thing right now is that you are there for him.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Jean,

    Hope you don't mind me posting but wanted to wish your father all the best. Will be thinking of you all in my prayers x