poem inspired by my son

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HI i was getting my son ready for his fancy dress today,he wanted to be a scarecrow,when i realised the-
Hello to the scarecrow
1 position he stood all day
Leaned up against a post
There he was made to stay
Unable to bend his arms
His knees or touch his toes
Was he in any pain
Who cares hes a scarecrow
Well i talk to my friend
Cause he knows how i feel
Not knowing who to talk to
Having others afraid of you
I cant touch my toes
Or do the things others do

MY children have found a lot of changes since i got oa at 37,would anyone have any ideas what things i can do with my children now i cant run about with them.looking for hobbies i have son 9 and daughter 12.You have all been such great surport to me thankyou martina


  • lucymum
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    oh that poem is so heart breaking and says alot about kids with this illness, or anyone for that matter!

    As for things to do with your kids have you tried swimming?? I know it may sound simple but mucking about in a pool is such fun, i know i always enjoyed it with my parents as a kid.
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    A lovely poem & puts it very well into words :)

    You could maybe try not such a physical hobby but maybe a creative one ?
    But swimmings a great one. Wish you all the best x