Our consultant appointment on friday!!

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Shannon had her cons appointment yesturday. He was quite happy with how she is going and wants to keep all her medication the same but he wants to start tackling her emotional side now as she is so angry about having arthritis and also with all the sress from school.

He is getting the nurse to ring the teacher personally and to explain why she needs medication, that is a powerfull drug and why she is feeling tired and cant be bothered to work and to basically back off and give her a break! So we will see what happens from now. It is taking me for ever to get an appointment with the new SENCO at the school...i ring for an appointment and she never seems to be there!

I had a stand up row with the teacher in the playground as she was standing there telling me that Shannon is just lazy and cant be bothered and that she knows she can do more, I said I think she expects to much from her she said she expects less than she does the other children. And that she has worked with lots of children with disabilities and illness's so knows what they are cappable of. She is having a go at shannon because she only wrote 3 words and that she should have done 3 sentences in that time.... and that she just sits there and stares at the walls for most of the day! well hello why do you think she is doing this!!!!!

The cons also told me that she now has extended oligo so that was a bit of a kick in the gut!

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    OMG I can not belive that the teacher being like this!!! Lucy has really bad hands and wrists with hers and even before the school knew what was wrong the most the teacher said to me is that she goes at her own pace!!!! Now that they do know they are so nice to me and her and are happy with anything she does!
    For a teacher to be so obtrusibe to u in private would be bad enough but in public and towards ur child is discusting and to be honest I would be reporting her!
    She states she has worked with children with disabilites, but ever this disability?? I mean for christs sake every child is different, let alone every illness!!
    I think this teacher needs to seriously adjust her attitude!!!

    I hope Shannon is dealing with it ok, poor kid.
    Big hugs to you both x x x