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My name is Fiona. My head is still in a haze. Got told yesterday I may have OA but diagnosis not definite yet. It could just be my broken toe operated on four months still healing. (I am post menopausal).

I have been in almost permanent pain for the last four months and found no one has really taken it seriously because "it is just a toe". I told people to imagine having a nagging toothache for four months. How would they feel then? Pain is pain.

I have now found out I can see a Podiatrist on the NHS and have self referred especially for insoles and advice.

Still it is great to have found this site.



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    Hi Fiona

    Welcome to the site. Look forward to seeing you posting on the other zones. This is a brilliant site and we all try to help and support one another. I have been here for three years - it can become addictive, but harmless, just a warning. :lol::lol:

    Look after yourself especially that toe,

    Elna x
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    Hi Fiona
    A very warm welcome to this forum, any question you have someone will come along with answers , everyone on here is so supportive and very friendly, come on the chit chat zone and have a laugh with us.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Fiona

    A big warm Welcome from me. As you say pain is pain and I do hope they can sort you out.

    In the mean time why don't you join us in the Forums. We try to help and support one another.

    We also like to relax, have a laugh on the CChat Forum. We have a cafe and you can have anything to eat that you fancy. Most days there are a lot of us in there.

    I hope you will join us, make some friends on here.

    Trish xx
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    Hi Fiona welcome to the forum they are a great lot on here, your right pain is pain and when you've had it for a long time it gets you down. Hope you get something sorted soon, lookforward to seeing you posting.
    Julie x
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    hi fiona it hard to get people to understand pain because they can not see it but that does not make it feel any better to you hope you get the help you need would have thought hospital or doc would have refured you so you could have got insoles getting information about these things hard .
  • chris7
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    Hi Fiona :D

    Sorry I can't advise on the toe, but you are right pain is pain. :cry: Just wanted to call in here and say welcome. The lovely people on here will advise if they can and send a hug when you need one.
    Hope you see you posting again soon and let us know how you get on.
    take care
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    Hi Fiona

    Welcome to the forums from me too :)

    Sorry about your toe :x I hope the podiatrist can help.

    Look forward to seeing you about on the forums


    Toni xx

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