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unsure about DLA

margie1margie1 Posts: 57
I am going back to work on Monday after having a meeting with occ health. Nurse was very nice and she has put in her report that I should self assess what i can and can't do :o I spoke to my manager who was also very nice to me but, she did say i should speak to my husband about me doing something else in other words i think she was telling me to leave but put it in a nice sort of way, she said i had to put my health first as my job can involve pushing students in wheelchairs, standing and walking alot. I can't afford to just leave and I dont want her thinking that if i say i cant do this or that she may think i just dont want to :( I will do anything i am asked to do always have, i have never refused to do anything. I am also worried about what will happen if i am off work again :?: colleagues were supportive when i saw them and were pleased i was going back :lol: they have suggested I cut my hours to help me and try to claim DLA but I cant afford to cut my hours and what if i get refused DLA :?: my doctor says i "only have mild OA" in my spine and doesnt seem interested when i mentioned pains in my elbows and finger. so if they want a report from him it wont go in my favour if it says "only mild". how much pain do i need to be in or do i have to be unable to move at all to be seen as having severe OA :?: I am nervous about going back as i dont know if i am going to manage or not but i will have a really good try sorry for going on at you guys.
thanks marg :)


  • dorcasdorcas Posts: 3,538
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    I think your manager has totally missed the point.....
    besides the patronising and demeaning comment to you to 'ask your husband'....steam would have been coming out of my ears. :x :!: :?

    you have rights Marge! and one of them is that you are entitled to have your needs assessed and adjustments made to keep you in your job, or, as delboy said, to find you another role that will minimise the stress on your joints.

    your occy nurse was right in suggesting you assess what you can and can't do...but...that is not and should not be a substitute for an assessment being carried out by an Occy health doc or through Access to Work (jobcentreplus)

    Don't accept what's been said if you feel that you need additional support ; say so to your manager and get them to look at their policy for supporting employees with chronic conditions. The policy should outline what their duties towards you are..... it sounds as though your manager needs to read it as she definitely doesn't know!

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