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Hi. Just thought Ide quickly introduce myself. Im 44 years old and mum to 4 grown up daughters and a son of 20 months. I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis nearly 4 years ago when nearly every joint in my body was affected. It was a massive flare up that had me off work for 4 months. I was put on Sulphasalazine (not sure if thats spelt right) and things seemed to settle a little. No more inflammations, just stiffness and general aches and painsin the joints. I then fell pregnant with my gorgeous little boy, and not wanting to take any risks I stopped all medication apart from painkillers. However, after he was born, my Consultant decided he didnt think Sulphasalazine was right for me so started my on predisolone tablets. Then he decided I didnt have R.A afterall, more likely O.A so has not taken me off ALL medication and Im in constant pain! He says its just general wear and tear and that its part of the aging process . . . Im 44!!

I feel so frustrated, its almost as if he thinks Im a liar and making all this up. My right foot is so painful and I struggle to pick my son up because my elbows hurt so much.

Sorry to have gone on, but just so pleased to have found this site and be able to talk to like minded people.


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    Hi Sheba,

    Welcome to the site they are a god lot here. I can't help thinking something has gone wrong there for you! I wonder can you have a second opinion or see a different rumo? To have had so much inflamation and both the sulfa and the preds, then be told its oa is an odd one really.

    I think your best bet is to go back to your gp and see what they make of it. If it is now oa ask for some anti-inflammatories and some decent pain relief and I really would ask to see a different rumo if its possible. I hope you soon get some help and some sense of it as well as some real help. take care and nice to meet you. Cris
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    Hi Sheba

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you will join us on the other zones. I am sorry to read your story. I suggest you get back to your gp, telling him how you feel, what you have been told and asking for a referral to a rheumi to see what is going on, RA/OA or both and getting some help and pain relief. We are all entitled to a second opinion.

    Elna x
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    Thanks for the replies. Im actually seeing my consultant next Monday so Im going to see how that appointment goes and take it from there. I get so frustrated though because it seems everytime I go I see one of his sidekicks . . . only actually seen him about twice! Im just a number to him.

    The problem is, I think, that my bloods come back negative for R.A, but when I was first diagnosed with it, I paid to go private to get the initial diagnosis and was told it dosnt always show up in the bloods. He was lovely, and went by his examination of me, he was in no dount it was R.A. After that I went back to the NHS as cant afford permanent private care, and since then everything has gone down hill!! Im just surviving in painkillers now.
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    Hi Sheba and welcome to the forum.

    I've had RA for 36 years (was diagnosed aged 7) and am amazed at how little progress has been made during this time. Treatment has come on leaps and bounds but diagnosis is definitely stuck in a time warp! My rheumy doesn't hold much store by blood tests and prefers the 'If I touch you here, does it hurt' method of diagnosis. That cheesed me off at first as I'm a need-to-know-everything kind of girl, but having read so many posts like yours, I'm feeling quite lucky to have someone like him!

    Time to take a stand, I think. It's a shame we have to throw a tantrum occasionally to be heard, but it does seem to be the only way!

    Good luck and keep us informed.

    Lois x
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    Hi Sheba

    First of all a warm welcome.

    After reading your story, I would ask if you can get a second opinion as you are not entirely happy with what he has told you.

    It is not a very proffesional manner to talk to you like that or treat you anyway.

    Sometimes it is best if you do go for another opinion. You could at least weigh up who has said what to you and feel what you think may be right.

    Good luck on Friday, let us know how you got on.

    Trish xx
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    Hi Sheba

    A big welcome form me too :)

    Sounds like you are not having a good time are you :(

    I agree with trisher i would think about a second opinion. My bloods as far as I know are neg but my rheumy calls it RA??? who knows eh??

    a good one diagnoses on symptoms as well as just blood results.

    You take care


    Toni xx