Hey I'm new to the forum

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Hi, My name is Deni and i'm new to this forum. I attended the recent joint Potential weekend at the beginning of March and met some really amazing people who im hoping stay in contact with.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of two and have decided not to take medication until later in life. It has been hard living, coping and dealing with my condition especially when no one really understands what my body is doing. I hope that using this forum will help me progress positively with my condition.

Thanks for reading ^_^


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    hi deni welcome (sorry if got name wrong forgot the min started writting) should be a blond lol. sorry you have ra to cope with ,but welcome you will get lots of support and help here val
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    Hi Deni
    A very warm welcome, they are a lovely lot on this forum, you have had so much to cope with, like you say it is nice to be with people that understand.
    I hope to see you posting more very soon, come over to the chit chat and meet us all,
    You take care
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Deni welcome to the forum look forward to your posts they are a great lot on here, please come on to the cchat room there is a great caffee and everything is fat free, good job as i tend to eat a lot in there.

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    Hi Deni :D

    Welcome :D Do join us all on the other zones. You will be made most welcome. :D I am sure you will be able to give help and advice to many on here. We all try to support each other the best we can and answer any questions too, based on our knowledge of arthritis or personal experiences.

    Elna x
  • chile168
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    Hi Deni,

    Just a brief note to say WELCOME to the site and look forward to reading your posts and threads.

    Take care x Eve
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    Hi Dennie

    A warm welcome from me too. We all try to support one another, giving tips and advice. I hope to see you doing this soon as you are now one of the ever growing "Family" :)

    Trish xx
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    Hi Deni

    Good to meet you.

    Sounds as though you will have lots to tell us lot too :)

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the other forums @living with arthritis' and 'Chit chat' etc


    Toni xx
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    hi deni and welcome from me to!
    hope to read your posts soon!