Stopping Prednisolone tablets

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Hi all I am new to the forum. My query is why do you have to cease prednis gradually as opposed to "cold turkey". I have only been on it for 2 weeks so far but not feeling happy about taking it. Am seeing my Rheumy Nurse this Thursday and will ask to come off it then. She is starting me off on Methtrx on Thursday so hoepfully will stop prednis. Causing me HUGE headeaches and neck pain which I didn't have before. The pain I am having from that is worse than the original problem.
Thanx to all Moggiefan


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    Hi Moggiefan
    Welcome to the forum. We are here for the ups & downs of living with arthritis & everyone is very supportive.
    Prednisolone is a steroid, also called Cortisone. The body produces cortisone naturally but stops doing this when it gets the artificial type. As you reduce your prednisolone the body starts to produce its own again. If you stop suddenly, the body has to kick in quickly which is not good for it.
    I'm sure your rheumy nurse can explain this in more medical terms but basically, don't alter your prednisolone without medical advice.
    Best wishes