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I always like to look smart & love shopping. Now I am back to work I am back into the routine of getting my nails done every 2 weeks.

I went yesterday to get my manicure and there was anew man in the nail bar, I would say in his 50's. The girl asked if I wanted my usual colour and I said yes. Well he filed and shaped my nails and put on the colour then asked me if i wanted tartan?? He had a heavy accent and I thought why not???

Well it wasn't tartan he hand painted a small flower on each of my ring fingers. So unusual and so pretty, really cheered me up. Then when I went to pay they wouldn't take the full amount of money, don't know if I am now getting a discount for being a regular?



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    How are you? Hows work? Been thinking about you.

    Well, how nice is that, may be you did have a discount. Perhaps he was a trainee and that is why.

    As long as you like them and they look nice, well what did hubby think??

    Trish xx
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    Hi Anne

    Good for you, nice to have a treat now you are back at work. The flowers sounded lovely too. I worked in a bank for a while when I left school and we were always expected to have our nails done. It does give you a boost.
    take care
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    Nice one Annie :)

    had my nails done at the spa, but...trshed 'em alreday :roll:

    You enjoy them - i bet everyone will notice :D


    Toni xx

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