Hair dye.

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Why doesn’t Alistair Darling either dye his hair or bleach his eyebrows? it’s like having two little caterpillars sitting above his eye’s. :roll:


  • trisher
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    I have been thinking the same thing. It looks horrible. Perhaps he likes them like that, I have seen a few men looking the same as that and they look horrible as well.

    He could shave his hair off. Have his eyebrows waxed then have tatoo's

    When men get older why is it that they get long bushy ones, does anyone know the answer to that?

  • ninakang
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    Do you think it's to compensate for going bald on top? :-)

  • mellman01
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    ninakang wrote:
    Do you think it's to compensate for going bald on top? :-)


    Is he!? :shock:
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    I think he dyed his eyebrows...just to stand out...because he has nothing inteligent to say g060.gif
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    Mell are you ok??

    Are you sure??

    I agree he looks silly.

    Silly is the word for it.....

    Maybe he is silly too


    toni xx
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    Love this thread!! A bald Curate once said to me that men who are bald on top are great thinkers- men who are bald at the back are great lovers and men who are bald all over just think they are great lovers!!! I didn't think it appropriate to ask his wife if there was any truth in that one!!!

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