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Hi everyone, I must say this site looks like a Godsend. I'm jackie, 45yrs with a 19yr son. Am waiting for Rheumy appt., which as I found out this morning, is gonna take about 3 mths. Have been having problems since fall at work nearly 4yrs ago. Am Ex Zoo Keeper , was made redundant in Oct 08. Recently though symptoms have been increasing. Joints affected are Sacroilliac, neck,shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers with knobbly bits. left arm worse. now getting pains in knees, big toes & arch of foot. have had either costochondritis or pleurisy (drs cant agree but anti-biotics made a difference.) can sleep for days it feels but no energy at all. cant always think straight and more recently flu-like symptoms with red, burning joints, shivering, felt like i was dying. next morning though, feel better., this was 5 nights last week. was asked by Dr last year if it was all in my mind. so glad to have found this though cos now know im not going mad.


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    Hi Jackie

    A warm welcome from me. :D

    There are many many lovely people on here. We try to help one another give advice or support when needed.

    I see you have had chest problems too. I was quite bad a while ago, takes all your energy away.

    I hope to see you posting soon

    love Trish xx
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    Hi Jac

    No you are not going mad :wink:

    But you might be mad to be joining US :wink::wink: Only joking.

    You will find everyone so helpful and supportive here.

    I look forward to seeing you around the site


    Toni xx
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    Hi Jackie
    A very warm welcome from me, you will find this forum really friendly and supportive.
    I do hope you get the right treament very soon, when I stared with arthur a few years ago , I thought it was all in my mind, so I didnt go to my gp, till I had no choice.
    I hope you will stay with us, come over to chit chat and have a laugh.
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Jackie just wanted to welcome you to the forum, they are a great bunch on here. Hope you get something sorted very soon, lookforward to seeing your posts.

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    welcome to the forum Jackie, you are amongst supportive and caring people that's for sure. I am sureyou will find it a great help and hope your treatment is positive and helpful.

    XXX Bubbles
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    hi my name is susan and i found out about 6 months ago that i have severe osteoarthritis. the doctors wanted to do total knee replacements as soon as they found out what was wrong , but i don't have insurance so i am going to show this who is boss. lol. nice to meet all of you and have a great day.

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