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this is only my second post on here ..i was in a state of high anxiety last time as my partner was suffering terribly from RA and this was newly diagnosed and he also has coeliac....his problem are mainly because he has developed muscle myopathy and his whole system is imflammed..he has spent 2 weeks in hospital and camr home last week following a 5 day course of imunoglobulin and has started methotextrate which is being quickly increased to deal with the immflamation...has anyone else suffered from such a severe case of myopathy of the muscles so extreme that he looks like a POW...he has at last put on 31/2 lbs rhis week ..the first increase for several months...he is still extremely tired and hi swallowing is still slightly retarded but his pulse and body temp has started to reduce...i think at long last we may be seeing a small light at the end of the tunnel after many teast...muscle biopsy and impulse tests to his muscles.....any feed back will be very appreciated...sue


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    Hi Sue,

    Sorry, I have no experience or knowledge of myopathy of the muscles but just wanted to acknowledge your post and send you and your hubby some healing (((hugs))) and hope that now that you are seeing some improvement on the Mtx that he goes from strength to strength.

    You both have a lot to cope with....I hope you have good folks around who support you?

    We are always here for you and you can talk to the helpline too for support.

    take care Iris x
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    Sue you poor thing. Your hubby is suffering terribel and you must be feeling distressed and helpless.

    This has never happened to me and i hope it never does. At least it sounds as though they are treating him agressively and doing lots to help. An increase of 3 1/2lb sounds really good

    Please do keep talking to us - as we will support you all we can while he gets better.

    Hope YOU are ok too?


    Toni xx

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