Leflunomide (Arava)

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Hi All
Just come back from Rheumy apt and have been taken off hydroxy as not working and prescribed the above 10mg once a day!! My Rheumy thinks anyone with chronic joint inflammation should be on biologices but have to have tried all the others first and the cost is prohibitive...does anyone else think like this or are the boilogics just more toxic! Do they work is anyone taking them on their own.

Also can anyone help me with Leflunomide, are you taking it? Does it work? After how long? and yes ....what side effetcs because there are bound to be some...my rheumy just said diaroah? (dont think ive spelt that right)is common.

Any help would be welcome. Have already tried MTX and couldnt stand side effects, just on 5mg of prednisolone until right med found.

Thanks to youall..

Barbara x


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    HI Barbara,

    you'll find there are quite a few of us on here who take leflunomide - some just on its own, and some like me who take it in combo with MTX.

    I have to say that adding the Leflunomide into the mix has been positive for me, although there were teething problems to start with. I had a run of infections which was more to do with having a too high combination of doses, It settled down once they lowered the MTX dose.

    The main problems that people usually have are around 'toilet' issues ... I certainly had problems for the first couple of weeks, but my body soon got used to it, and it wasn't so much of a problem after that. It happened again when the dose was increased, but again only for a while.

    I hope you find it helpful for you - and that you find that it can keep arthur at bay for a while.

    best of luck
    WOnky xxx
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    Hi Barbara,

    Can't help you cus I was on sulfa and now mtx but wanted to leave you a ((( ))) and a hope it works well for you. Cris x

    Hi Wonky,

    That sort of surprises me cus they use it as one of the ones for crohn's and well with that you already have those issues :oops: hey don't tell me there might be more of that? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Slurps ((( ))) and thanks to you and Legs for your positive ones re mtx :D xx
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    i've been on leflunamide for a few months, it took about 2 months to really work but i've found it really good.
    i'm in alot less pain and yes there are the toilet issues but it does settle down, i'm not to bad now.
    good luck and please ask if you need to know anything!

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