what a day

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well we went to the clinic today and Lucy's flare is worse, she isas bad as she was when they first saw her, withdrawn and overall ill!!!


from 12 they have been talking about keeping her in to do iv antibiotics as the mtx is not gonna work for at least another 4-6 weeks!!!

well i was running trying to ring everyone trying to get cover for my other 2 as hubby was on a double and is tomorrow and no one was answering their phones!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh

They allowed us to go home at 2 to sort out and when i rang at 3:30 they had decided to do Lucy a higher does over 2 days as an outpatient rather than 3 days as an inpatient, so that childcare was not as much an issue!!!!
I love them, they are amazing and have bent over backwards accomodating us, especially as Lucy did not have an appointment for another 4 weeks and only got seen on the offchance!!!
I just hpe it helps, at the mo it feels like we r back to square one!!! x x x

I hope u r all well and ur kids have a fit and well easter holl