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Hi folks,

I haven't been on here very much lately for various reasons, so tonight when I logged on I read many posts, both old and new. This in turn had me reflecting on the 16 months since first being diagnosed with RA, and my subsequent 'need' for the forum.

There were, initially, the questions regarding how RA progresses, the tests and treatments etc and the real need to 'chat' with people outside the medical profession.... those who live with the condition every day, and who understood my fears and could offer their experience to help me. Lindalegs was my saviour!
I spent many hours reading posts, sometimes posting myself, getting support and offering it in return. In fact, logging on to the forum became addictive!

I've titled this posting 'Positivity', and the reason for that is because along with all the great advice, support and information on the forums, there are sadly not all that many POSITIVE postings. I've logged off many times with bleak thoughts of "I wonder if thats something I'll suffer with?" or "am I going to be like him/her?" etc etc. I know and understand that all of us have our down times, and times when we need to rant, and are sometimes sad about things we can't do now, and we don't like the meds we have to take, the days we 'lose' because we ain't feeling so good, BUT in spite of all that, life is still worth living isn't it? It may be different, but we adapt don't we - otherwise we'll sink.

I've recently attended a course with fellow RA sufferers, and what a great bunch they were, I was sooo impressed with how they cope. And from being in their company I realised that when I came away from the meetings, I felt energised and positive, which is something I'd love to pass on to anyone on here that is newly-diagnosed.

So folks, how about some POSITIVE POSTINGS showing newbies we still enjoy various activities, we still enjoy life, and that there is hope for the future :D

Happy Easter, Jackie x


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    Hi Jackie,

    Nice to see you :D Hope your both doing ok?

    I guess there are less positive posts but its cus we kind of drown a bit now and then. Its then we need the life boat of the forum to come and get us maybe?

    I am going to try and do positive for a second....

    Started mtx and survived quite well :D

    Got the sheeps hooves almost done.... and didn't black out :D

    Managed to do some back log work today, despite the wind, sleet, cold and rain :D

    I have got the torch mended (I dropped it on the only bit of hard standing at the sheeps :roll: )

    Best of all I was wondering how you are and its good to see you :D

    I did a Challenge Arthritis course with AC a while back and your right it don't half help.

    You look after your selves and again nice to see you.

    Luv Cris xx

    Oh forgot to say Happy Easter to you both, and I actually thought it was next week :oops: :roll: :lol::lol:
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    perhaps if you look at the chit chat forum you may see just what you are looking for :wink:
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    Hi Jackie,

    Good to see you. a010.gif

    Thank you for your kind words ....does my ego a power of good :wink::D

    I think Lynn's right there are many 'saviours' on here who are there when people are down or need advice.

    The problem lies in the fact that when people seek out a forum such as this one it's because they're usually newly diagnosed and feeling shocked and frightened and here lies the negative posts.

    It's only when you lived with arthritis for a while, as I have, do you realise it's not the end of the world, wonderful things still happen, laughter is your best friend and kindness is on your doorstep. Arthritis may alter your life and maybe the plans you had have to be readdressed or approached from a different way but we mainly have to take one day at a time and manage our illness and not let it rule us.

    23 years of having RA has not ruined my life, I'm happy, my marriage of 31 years has lasted through it and we have two lovely sons who are sensitive and caring of other people's needs because of it .....so good comes of bad.

    I hope this is positive for any Newbie reading it ...that's if they're still awake. :|

    Luv Legs with her Pollyanna hat on :roll: :wink::D:D
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    Hey 'Pollyanna',

    You helped me so much as well. I wasn't newly diagnosed but safe to say I wasn't coping so well........ You and Wonky have made things so much easier so a ((( ))).


    Crs who hopes you realise she means it xx
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    some posts r negative, but the cane and able is not and the cafe gives people a chance to have a laugh not to mention disney and the cruise it is not all doom and gloom . but when people r struggaling it no good saying smile it will all be well .they need reasurance and usfull advice which we try to give. but always with a positive edge to it but when down hugs do help. sorry you do not see the positive side, it is there just look harder we are like real life we all have good days and bad the good we go off as you did and enjoy them the bad we look to each other for help and suport. with out each other we would not cope and that is a large positive in its self
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    Hi Jackie

    Lovely to hear from you and such a positive thread. I am pleased to hear that you are doing so well. Me too, I am very grateful for all I have got in my life which fortunately far, far outweighs the not so good. Being an open forum, all types of people call in here, those that are newly diagnosed, trying to get diagnosed, those that have had arthritis for a long time, going for a specific operation, asking questions, looking for guidance. Many are very frigntened, angry,disillusioned people and know others will understand and sympathise.

    There is the Chitchat zone that is extremely well supported. Some of us linger on the more serious zones because we feel quite strong and interested enough to help, sympathise and keep in touch with others that are not doing so good. Others choose to spend all or more of their time on the Chitchat zone because it is fun and boosts their morale.

    When someone starts a positive thread many reply finding things to write positively about. Unfortunately, in the next few minutes or hours we see the same people posting negatively on another thread, or starting one. Obviously for many the bad outweighs the good. It is a place to be able to be oneself.

    :D You could join us, Jackie and boost people's morales daily and start positive threads. :D

    Enjoy your long weekend and hope to see you posting more :D

    Elna x
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    valval wrote:
    ....... but when people r struggaling it no good saying smile it will all be well .they need reasurance and usfull advice which we try to give. but always with a positive edge to it but when down hugs do help. sorry you do not see the positive side, it is there just look harder we are like real life we all have good days and bad the good we go off as you did and enjoy them the bad we look to each other for help and suport. with out each other we would not cope and that is a large positive in its self

    oh valval, I think you have misinterpreted what I was trying to say. I have posted a lot in the past, for the same reasons as most people on here..... for advice, support, and to give encouragement to others. In no way would I ever suggest telling anyone who is struggling to "smile and get on with it"!!!!

    Nooo, I was just trying to encourage a few more positive postings!

    Yes we all get down, stressed, disheartened, and this is where we all support each other, with sound advice, support and a generous helping of cyber-hugs :) And I've spent plenty of time on the Chit-Chat forum, enjoying the light-hearted 'social' exchanges, the topics, and quizzes etc :)

    I just wanted to remind and encourage folk to post when they are feeling positive, when meds are working for them, discuss things they can enjoy in spite of RA, basically to encourage positive postings to balance out negative ones - especially for any newbies to read when they come on this Forum looking for some light at the end of the tunnel :?

    Thanks all for your replies, I'm sure those who 'know' me and have read previous postings from me understand that I posted this particular one purely in the hope it would help others to appreciate that life after diagnosis really does go on :)

    Jackie x
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    Hello, nice to hear from you again, and I'm so glad that you feel positive, thats wonderful. Courses can be help sometimes, as long as the leader is good at putting the subject across. I've been to some really interesting courses, but the way they've been run has made it hard to stay awake!!! THESE WERE NOT arthritits courses! :oops:

    I've posted when I've felt positive and when I've felt negative. If I answer a negative post I try to empathise with the person, and then I may write something thats not so positive, but I try to, on the whole, give it a slight positive slant. Even just to say 'I know how you feel' can be helpful.

    Maybe we either feel embarresed about feeling good. Or we just plain forget to write about the good things, especially if they are small things and just write when we have problems. So, yes, I think we should write a positive post when we feel like it, so....I'll start with something that I am pleased with today!!! Lots of love Sue xxx
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    Hi all having suffered with RA for 30 yrs and being diagnosed at 17, I do believe that you do have to stay positive . I have managed to have a career as a veterinary nurse, cardiographer, tutor and learning support assistant (not at the same time LOL, ) and managed to own and ride ponies. Ok I get stiff days like everyone else but try to set yourself goals, have hobbies do as much or little that you can manage. I know its difficult but the main thing is that we are all different and respond differently to drugs etc

    all the best sarah, and yes keep POSITIVE
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    WOW Sarah - your posting is sure to help someone newly diagnosed see that despite RA life can be active and fulfilling :)
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    Hi All

    Like Sarahw I also still keep and ride a pony. I was diagnosed with RA 2 and a half years ago and although i am off with a "flare" at the moment intend to be back at work on Monday. still working full time for the NHS and was recently promoted.

    My one regret is that i have to give up distance running which i loved and as a result i have put on weight. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until contacting the arthritis care staff on the helpline (special thanks to Guy)

    I am now remotivated to give "arthur" a good kicking over the next few months by changing my diet and retaking control again also taking fish oil.

    I was in training forthe london marathon when i became ill howwever have not gave up completely on doing this one day even if i have to walk it, or ride it if they would let me! just have to get "arthur" under control first

    Arthritis is not the end of the world although it can feel like it some days. Thanks again to all the people who gave me advice on fatigue the other day.

    Have just joined the forum and loving being in touch with other great people who are willing to help others by giving positive advice and support when things are not so good

    this has inspired me to start another topic to see who else is still following interests hobbies etc. please everyone join in

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    Hello Gypsy, I'm glad you enjoy the forum, its a good place to pick up tips and hear about the things other people do.

    Sounds like you have a busy life! :wink: I'm glad that you are able to enjoy the things you do. I make cards and even though my hands are stiff, I manage, just have to do a bit less at a time and take more tea breaks!!! :lol:
    Love Sue

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