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Hello I am newly diagonised with rhuematoid arthritis and suffering from a very sore throat. My voice is going and I feel quite choked up.
Also my nose feels blocked. Im a bit worried about it. Is this a normal symptom of RA?


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    Hi Mummygran,

    Welcome to the forum they are a good lot here. I don't have ra I have oa and pa. I wonder what drugs they have you on and how long have you been on them? Hey is it possible you have a cold/flu virus at all? I was 'normal' ill for a change yesterday and it might 'just' be that? I do sometimes get a sore throat and cold like symptoms, especially the last few months but not all of them were down to the bones and the tablets. Some were though.

    My answer was to take cold remedies and they told me to rest up, stay at a constant temperature and give my body a chance to fight it. I really hope you soon feel better and that you get a better answer from the others. Take care and sending you a ((( ))) Cris

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