Another Flare up

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Sad to say Kayleigh is having another Flare up :( It seems to affecting her knees more than anything and the past two days won't do the stairs. She tries then cries in agony :( I think this weather has a big part to play in it but I hope it eases soon. She's swollen in more areas than just her knees and her hands have ballooned up.

Yesterday she was complaining her right eye hurt inside :? not sure what that's all about her sister has conjunctivitis though. In fact she's just said about it again now but it doesn't look like anythings there. She not due for another eye check till end of May.

Tomorrow we have hydro so hoping this at least helps but Bristol consultants are coming down on 16th and I was so hoping for her to be okish so that they could examine her for the first time ever and get a proper assessment of her.

Other than that got all 4 home from school at the moment and all hyper on chocolate lol

Michelle xxx


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    bless her hun!! I know it is so hard watching them be so ill again after they have been brighter.
    Lucy in flare due to the fact the MTX not kicked in yet and the steriod injections wearing off.

    Poor kayleigh not being able to manage it is heart breaking. Cuse Lucyu has had it so long undyignosed she had learned to live with the pain and to manage obsticals by adapting. She has complained more this week about her knees but they apear fine, am wondering if it is her ancles being sore that is rubbing off on them!!!

    I hope kayleigh is better soon x x

    Hope i got her name right

    enjoy the easter off with all of the brood as much as u can x x x