Good news - going back to work......

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Hi all,
Well I have used this forum to rant and moan and complain, so now I want to share some hopeful news.
After being off work for over a year with RA I am going back to work tomorrow!!! Part time with a phased return and loads of adjustments and gadgets after seeing Access to Work BUT still back to my job. As you can imagine I'm a little nervous and scared but also excited.
There were times in the last year where I thought I'd never be able to work again and lots of false starts but my medication (sulfa) seems to have got my condition under control. I've been trying to get fit again through swimming, cycling and physio and I can't believe the progress I've made. I'm not saying it's a miracle and everything is fine but it's certainly better than I ever thought it could be.
I wanted to share my good news to offer others hope. Fingers crossed things go well tomorrow!!! :D
Lots of love, Nicky


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    Just wanted to wish you luck. Hope it all goes well for you Nicky. It's great you have had help with ATW and have things put in place to help. Be prepared to feel more tired than usual 'tho. I was exhausted when I went back.
    rita. :)
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    nicky that great news i know it will be scary but do not let them push it take each step as fast or slow as suits you good luck well done hope it all goes well
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    Good luck and let us know how u get on?

    Love and thinking of u.

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    Really good to see your good news. Do hope all went well for you and that you enjoy being back without getting too tired. Good luck with it and do let us know how things go.

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    Just catching up on posts and really pleased to read your good news. :!: :D

    How'd it go :?:

    Iris x

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