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Well Lucy started back at school yippee, and got a new physio closer to home. Was a bit sad cause she was starting to open up to Liz, but this is close, only 2 miles as opposed to the 25 to Newcastle every week!!

I found out that i had put lucy's new insoles in the wronge shoes, silly mummy, but no one told me, how was i ment to know!!! We have swapped them and are going to see how they go for a week, she may need them built up better to help her posture!

Also Lucy is not going to have hydro for 6 weeks, give her an intensive session after her flare, to get her back on track. She really looking forward to it, i just hope she does not act up!!

See the medical team in May for her 10 week check up on the MTX, hope we start to see more improvement then. The steriods have been upped due to the flare and we are seeing hair everywhere, which is not making Lucy happy as she looks like she is getting a mustash and has a bit in her genital area, so she is getting a little confused. Does this hair go away?? I s there anything we can do about it???

Well wiss sign off, hope all is going well with everyone x x x :P


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    Hi Lucy's Mum, shame about the change in physio - but a two mile journey has got to be better for both of you.

    With the insoles easily done - we have struggled at school with children's splints. Worth getting the othotist/podiatist to mark them on the bottom with L and R next time she has new ones to save confusion.

    Don't worry about her acting up at hydro - if the therapist is worth her salt she will make it as much fun as possible and the beauty of the warm water is you work your muscles without even knowing it.

    I don't know much about steriods - could always ring NHS direct/GP or hospital to find out more.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    thanks speed, i am really happy with the new physio she seems lovely, but Lucy's moods are becoming a problem!! I am going to see about getting her someone to talk to who may be able to help her recognise and deal with these feelings. I know about these areas but Lucy can not accept my help in my area, she needs me to be her "punch bag" of sorts, someone she knows no matter how much she pushes she will always be there. I just hope we can get the help that she needs!!