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Hi everyone

After discussing my need to reduce my hours temporarily to help with the pain of OA in my spine with my manager and occ nurse, I suggested having Friday's off so i have 3 days to recover ready for monday. Nurse agreed but did suggest that if this was not possible, i was to have a day off midweek. I have been told today by the manager that they cannot cover me on a Friday, the only day i can have off is a tuesday!!!! am i being unreasonable to think that this will not benefit me? I do 1 day back have day off, do 3 days, i am still going to spend my weekends in pain, at least if i had 3 days together it would give me chance to rest on fridays to ease the pain during the wkend. Now I will be in pain everyday :( am i being unreasonable?

sorry if i have gone on abit :oops:


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    I don't think you are being unreasonable - the whole point of having the day off is for your benefit - not just to suit the manager. What is so special about the Tuesday being ok.
    I can see the point of a Monday, Wed or Fri...
    I don't really know how to tackle this ... but I'm sure someone like Iris will have have suggestions.

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    Hi Marg! haven't seen you posting for a while...welcome back. :D

    You have not 'gone on a bit'! you are just expressing your worry and frustration at what is happening at work.

    I don't think the question of whether you are being 'reasonable' comes into this. Take a step back....

    Did occy nurse assess you under DDA in order to make recommendations to your employers about what adjustments should be made to assist you in the workplace? ...this is not a trick that is exactly what occupational health are obliged to do by law. you have a qualifying condition (OA) and therefore have certain rights and your employer has certain duties.

    If the OH have recommended shortened hours by way of one less day a week then your employers must consider that....if they are unable to comply they must have sound reasons for doing so and inform you of their reasons. Have you received OH report / recommendations? have you received a letter from your employer detailing their response? you are entitled to both.....

    If your employer can't by reason of staffing levels agree to a Friday then you should have that in writing. It's unfortunate that the OH nurse gave mid week as an alternative but even so your employer has not agreed to that either..why?

    If you feel it is not (for health reasons ) possible to work the pattern they suggest with a Tuesday off....then I would suggest you go back to OH and get them to renegotiate. I would strongly suggest mentioning that they also have an obligation to conduct a Risk Assessment (Health & Safety law) to be based on the impact working three straight days will have on your spine. That alone should get them to think again!

    You are not being unreasonable or are asking for your rights to be properly met and your employer to understand and meet his duties........but you need to tell them! if you are in a union speak to them first and they can represent you. there is nothing lost by saying to your manager that you need time to get advice before agreeing to any changes.

    Iris x

    sorry, I have waffled on...I seem to have lost the skill of being brief. :oops: :roll:
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    im doing the same today with any outside help, asking for different work pattern, wish me luck im gonna need it :?

    good luck pixychick! don't settle for have rights. Tell them they have to assess and meet your needs......use the law! and if you need time to get advice on all of this and to have a rep with you, ask for today's meeting to be deferred to another date.

    if you do decide to go ahead with the meeting, don't be pushed into agreeing anything that will put you under more stress or worsen arther.... even at the meeting you can still say you need time to consider what has been said before making any decisions and that you might want to take advice and have a rep. with you.
    get them to write down what they are proposing. always, always get meetings recorded.

    take control....xx

    I wish I was nearer..I would go with you!

    Iris xxxx
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    I think that your company as far as they are concerned would say that they have complied with recommendations by giving you a day off midweek i.e. tuesday. I 'm not saying it is right what they have done by any means what so ever, what the difference is between tuesday and friday to cover it I do not know. Working 3 days a week would be too much for me too. So maybe go back to OH and ask that you can't work more than 2 in a row then it should be sorted?

    Good luck, and yes get everything in writing as well and take someone with you to any meetings.


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