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Hi, due to various problems with my current Rheumy, it would take several pages to list them, she has suggested I ask her colleague for asecond opinion, trouble is I fear that the colleague might be influenced, I think that time has come for another hospital and unknown Rhuemy to see how I get on, is there any way that I can find out about hospitals and other Rheumys? success rates etc, hope you can help love Jaspercatxx


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    Hi Jaspercat,

    I had a run in with a neuro back along and asked the useless gp's for a second opinion and they sent me to another hospital out of the Dutchy so I think you have the right to ask for one.

    That said I had to go back to the one down here and I saw his side kick and she really wasn't under his thumb so maybe he one your gong to see wont be either? You take care and hopefully the helpline folk can tell you how to get good ones..... i wonder if tis through NHS .
    Choices or centers of excellence? I don't know but just wanted to give you some support and a ((( ))) Cris xx
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    Hi Jaspercat

    The helpline will be along soon, but my humble suggestion would be either to ask your GP if he can suggest a good private Rheumi or google private hospitals/rheumatologists in your area.

    I presume you can arrange a private consultation direct without gp involvement, but I thought the usual procedure is via your gp because he writes a referral letter to the consultant of your choice, to take with you or it is sent direct from the surgery. You then arrange the appointment with the consultants secretary.

    Elna x
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    Hi Jaspercat
    'Choice' is the buzzword in the NHS these days and you can certainly ask for a second opinion and change your rheumy.
    You can ask your GP if there is anybody he can recommend or you can look up consultants via this link Just put in your postcode and rheumatology and you'll get a list of rheumys in your area & a few basic details about them.
    You can also look up hospitals on that site or on
    You can get a one off private appointment by ringing the consultant's secretary and asking how you do this. It often requires a GPs letter.
    Remember if you do change hospitals you have to start again getting to know the staff and giving your medical history etc but if you're really unhappy with your current rheumy this might be your best option.
    Best wishes