any tips???

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Hi everyone
Just wondering if anyone has indoor catslike myself i have 3 and they all use a litter tray im finding it increasingly difficult to empty its sore bending down to empty it also to refill it im lifting a bag of litter and its heavey too. Any tips will b greatly appreciated. :D


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    I have 1 cat, my tray is like a cat carrier so it goes inside it comes with a scoop so you dont need to empty every time it poos, its from argos but my cat goes out and doesnt use tray that often.

    hope you find a solution

    Vikki xx
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    Hi Margaret, last time I had my hip done, we melted holes in each corner of the raised sides and used metal coat hangers to make handles. Or, since cats like raised surfaces could put litter tray up somewhere, as long as cats had room to stand part in and part of tray when doing their covering up ...

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    Hi there, I have seen one on the internet somewhere, that is apparently self cleaning, you only have to empty it every so often, not as regularly as a normal tray, I will try and find it and post the link
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    Hi Margaret,

    I have a bit of trouble bending now a days and I went over to using shavings as they are so much lighter and also have quite a lot of cats and its so much cheaper but like the idea of handles (thanks Speedalong) though I think I will be using baler twine instead of hangers :wink: The one like a carry case with a handle also sounds like a plan cus that you could lift up and rest somewhere higher to clean. I hope you can find something to help and please could you tell us if you do? Cris x
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    I already have the closed in litter box with a handle its great keeps the smell in!!! But still is heavy to lift with litter in it ill have to try and raise it up maybe,but the self emptying one sounds good, but my cats prob be terrified of it!!! :lol: Does any one know if theres a lightweight cat litter thats really light? :)
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    I'm lucky, my husband sees to all that and always has, hes well trained!!! :lol: I can see the problem, I can't see an easy way out, I'm sorry. Have you tried talking to someone like the vet nurse? Ours holds a 'clinic' for people that have problems with their animals and its FREE!

    My 4 cats come in from the garden, quite often, use the litter tray and then go straight out again! :lol: Tried taking the tray away, but they just used that patch of floor! :oops: They've got me well trained. :D

    Love Sue
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    Hi everyone
    Just wondering if anyone has indoor catslike myself i have 3 and they all use a litter tray im finding it increasingly difficult to empty its sore bending down to empty it also to refill it im lifting a bag of litter and its heavey too. Any tips will b greatly appreciated. :D
    Hi I have two indoor cats what i did to make it easier so you don't lift the litter bag is i bought two round bowls and got some bin liners with handles put them inthe bowls and bought a food scoop to put the litter in, so when they need changing just lift the bag by the handles and they close up try and use a grabber so you don't have to bend down, I found it much easier than bending down as much,i hope this helps you good luck in finding a way. Wendylou x :wink::)
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    My own cat goes out.......but when I was looking after my neighbour's two cats I lined their trays with thick newspaper first before putting in a deep layer of the cat litter...that definitely cut down on the smell and number of times the trays had to be lifted, emptied and washed. Also used a scoop for lifting the clean litter out of the bag..

    When I was a volunteer with Cat's Protection League we used very fine wood shavings/ sawdust in the cats trays.

    hope you get something worked out...

    Iris x
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    Hi I used to work at a vets as a nurse the most economical and easy way we found was a layer of newspaper at the bottom of the litter tray and then tear the paper into strips ( the shorter width is best as you get a straight tear) as shake the strips up and put them in. You still need to bend down to put it on the floor but it would save you lifting litter and shavings bags as well as being cheaper. :)

    hope this helps all the best sarah
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    I bought 'pot trolleys' -- low wooden slatted trolleys with four plastic castors underneath---and use one indoors to help me move heavy things. Another sits under a heavy basket of files. They are only about 8cm. off the ground so bending is still a problem but slightly reduced.

    When I was looking after an indoor cat for a few months I used one to move the big bag of woodchip litter as I could push it with my foot.

    Am trying to think of a way of raising the litter box up for the cat's next stay. I need a platform to put it on plus a ramp or floor cushions so she can access it ---- she is elderly. The problem of bending to scoop out waste in the box is a big one for me too.

    Back to the pot trolleys. I bought the first one (round) from 'Poundstretcher' and another two (square) from Amazon as I could not find them in a shop. They are sold in garden centres so if you are lucky to live near one you could get them there no doubt. I prefer the square ones.

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    Hi TRhis is a really intersting thread....I have always had animals but my last cat died [tumour in her windpipe} a few weeks ago we are thinking about getting another one but want to get holidays over first so that means I'll be back th square one....rescue centers usually advice you to keep them in for 4 to 8 weeks so even if they are outdoor cats I'll have to cope with that for a while.
    Keep posting please LOL I'm getting lots of tips