In a rush!!!!

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I'm in a rush now to get my winter knitting finished to get my spring/summer clothes out, sort out my sandals have my hair cut visit the hospital for a check on hip and knee, no I wont be decorating ths year. So bring on the sunshine and warm weather it's been a very very long winter. I can go out without worrying if it's slippy underfoot or snow if my joints will seize up with the cold. Hope it will last at least untill Oct. :D:D


  • frogmorton
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    Hope it will last at least untill Oct. :D:D[/quote]

    Yep Wend

    at least October if not longer :D

    It has been a really long time coming eh?


    Toni xx
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    I am in my sandals and already have sandal rub sores on feet. Ive still got to sort the wardrobe tho.
    Get the shades on. The patio tables out and sit and bask in the lovely sun! 8) 8) 8) 8)
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    still got winter gear on, like to be warm....still cautious walking as well but love the fresh air.

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