Question Time tonight 29 April

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To all members.

if you can, please try to watch Question Time tonight.

we have representatives from walsall disabilty forum going, adn they aveh questions prepared related to our situations. i hope they are chosen to ask the questions.



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    Hi Sangita,

    Either I's having a deja vu moment or I just left you a message :lol::lol::lol: ((( ))) Cris xx
  • naseebapnaapna
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    hi rehab, no-one from AC is going, as far as i know.

    and chicken (i) am not either.

    i mentioned the suggestion at our last ME/FM support group, and someone from walsall disability from was sugested. luckily, he said yes.

    i spoke to him this morning, and he said another member has questions as well, so i hope bth are asked, but one at least.

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    Let's hope they are given the opportunity to put their questions. The quality of the answers will be interesting. Dreamdaisy
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    Will do, thanks for that.