ESA Medical, Im ready for them!

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Well I got my form, filled it in as best I could and sent it off. Told them about my PS, depression, epilepsy, underactive thyroid and theyve decided I need an assessment. They sent me a letter saying I was to ring them within two days of getting the letter (!) From what Ive been reading they ring the DWP and they stop your benefit if you dont ring within the two days! Doesnt matter if youre ill or not or have a phone!
So I rang them and was on hold for ages, standing in the phone box, and when the man answered I could hardly understand him his English was so bad, I had to keep asking him to repeat himself.
He made me an appointment and I asked for a female doctor he said OK. Ive been reading so much about these people now and a lot of people are giving advice to do this so...I asked him for the name of the doctor who will be carrying out the assessment and he told me "The doctor will introduce herself to you when you come" I said "I have been advised by my solicitor to find out the name of the doctor so he can check they are registered with the GMC" He stuttered a bit then said "Oh ok, I will give you a number for you to ring and find out"
He rattled off an 0845 number, I didnt ring it, I just want them to know Im not taking the rubbish I did the last time, Im seriously considering contacting a solicitor before I go because I know they will lie on the report, they are supposed to be health professionals and they take an oath. If they dare lie about me again I will do everything I can to sue. And I will go to the newspapers as well! Im also taking someone with me this time, and see if the "doctor" is so nasty and rude when there is a witness! Im already angry before I go, not good I know but my blood is at boiling point the way they are treating people.
Its not for a couple of weeks yet but Ill keep you all updated, and I know a solicitor who will give me a bit of advice so Ill see what he says and hopefully it will help anyone else going through this stupid malarkey!

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