can arthur

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Hi Soory to bother you

Can arthur make you feel you have the flu? My fingers ,hands wrists shoulders are so painful and swollen but can it make you have a runny nose for at least 5 daysalso feel flu-ish and feel like hot needles are being poked in me. I hurt so much.

I have tried heat pads wrapping them un the duvet but had to get up because of the pain. I'm so tired but cannot sleep.

Trisher xx


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    Hi Trish,

    Dropping you in a hug and well for me it can ans so can the crohn's. Its all to do with flares I think, I feel like I'm coming down with flu and then get the rest of the flare behind it.

    I also get over tired and can't sleep then..... I don't seep well, less the alarm goes off then I seem to :roll: I just drift away for a while ad sometimes that leas to sleep as does having the tv or the stack playing but me people like silence so it might not wok for you.

    Worry keeps you awake and having a ton of thoughts running round your head does. I use visualization a lot so have installed a big red switch for the worry and trap for the thoughts and it all helps. I don't know if that would help you? When I am really bad I just go off somewhere in my head and its not as bad then..... Hell I sound like a loon.....

    When do you see your guy again? They are talking about upping your tablets I think? Trish I really hope you start to feel better and leaving you a (((( )))) Love Cris xxx :roll:
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    Hi Trish,

    so sorry you're having a rough time of it.......

    just 'butting in' to say....hope that you get the right meds and start to feel better really soon. :roll: :wink:

    lots of love and hope the helpline peeps have info to help.

    take care

    iris x
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    Hi Trish
    I am so sorry you are having a bad time, I get flu like symptoms just before a flare, I thought I was imagining it the first time it happened.
    I really hope things improve very soon for you, hope your rheumy appointment next week sought something out for you.
    Till then here are some gentle hugs (((((((((((()))))))))
    You looks after yourself
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Iris Barbara and Cris

    Thank you very much. Kept thinking I was imagining it. I don't feel so alone with it now. I still have it it is not nice is it?????
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    I can join the list, Trish. I always get fluey type symptoms both before a flare and while I have it, it all seems to go together for me.
    The 'fluey' bit disappears first and I am left with the pain; never quite know how long that will last, sometimes it goes quite quickly, other times its weeks, if not months.

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    me to it silly but true ((())) and hope it over soon you so run down at moment life unfair on you my pal
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    Hi Trish, my arthur makes me feel like I have the flu. It is due to the inflammation, I believe.

    Hope you feel better soon

    Deb x
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    Hi Trish,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to you but were short staffed here yesterday. I realise that many of the helpful remarks have been made by other forum members (a big thank you to them!) and I can see that you seem to have found some ideas to ponder.

    If you have a flare up and are feeling quite unwell it's impossible not to find that concerning. Doing what you did and sharing that here and checking out your thoughts is one really important way of self-managing. I'm just sorry we weren't able to reply as quickly as we'd have liked to.