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:?: I am hoping you can answer a question for me. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee about a year ago - I am 53 and female. It is not really very severe and so far is not stopping me doing anything. I take pain killers and anti-inflamatories when I need too which keeps the pain under control most of the time. However recently I have been waking up in the middle of the night with dreadful pain in one particular spot on my affected knee - really excrutiating. is this just part of the desease or should I question my GP about it? usually if I can get back to sleep it is reasonably ok by the morning but I am getting fed up of broken sleep.
Many thanks


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    hi sounds like arther have you been over doing it and do you have oa ask doc next time you soo them as you need your sleep welcome and take care val
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    Hi excitymouse...
    I'm just popping by to keep you company until our helpline peeps are back and also to say welcome to the forum. :D

    Pain and lack of sleep are a rotten combination! it sounds as though you need this new pain investigated and your meds reviewed to bring the pain back under control. There are meds that can help you get to sleep too if need be.

    hope you soon get some relief from the pain and restful sleep.

    Iris x
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    Hello Excitymouse

    Welcome to the Forum as you can see it is full of warmth and support from fellow peers.

    The pain in your knee at night is it when you are sleeping in a particular position? For example when it is resting on the other knee or is it when it has no support at all? Sometimes putting a small cushion/pillow inbetween can help depending on which position it is that causes pain.

    As Dorcas/Iris said there is medication out there to help you sleep so just tell your doctor how it is affecting your life, and stress the difference a good nights sleep would make.

    If you would like us to send you any information on OA of the knee please email us your full name and postal address.

    Best wishes

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    Sorry for the delay in replying to you, but we were short staffed yesterday. As your osteoarthritis? is perhaps in its early stages often the first stage of self management is to the musculo skeletal clinic where you will be assessed by a very experienced physiotherapist. They may prescribe the ideal exercises and may suggest weight loss if needed.

    For many people that conservative approach may be all that's needed to improve the situation. The research shows that intensive physio for the quadracep muscles to strengthen them, can make a huge difference to the long term outcomes. But weight too is very important for the knee.

    have you seen our publications?

    Hope that helps