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Hey everyone

I'm new to these forums.

I'm 25 and am close to finally having a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis after not knowing since October 2009.

The pain started in my wrist in July 2009 so I was told it was tendinitis, but them a few months later my entire body hurt, I could barely move, I go to the doctor and they guessed RA and have been tested for it ever since.

I will see my RA consultant in July and then get officially told (She wants to see how this steroid injection effects my pain oer the next 6/8 weeks etc) I was told if it works then I have RA, and from everything I'm feeling I believe it is working (In a way I hope it is RA as the other alternative is tissue problems and more tests - which I have had too many of over the last few months) - I just want an end to not knowing.

I really don't know how I will react when I get told. At the moment I am mentally keeping a distance, not told officially then a chance that is isn't RA type thing, weird as that sounds lol. But once those words leave her lips I don't know how I will be. All I know is I'm glad my partner will be there to hold me :) because I think I'm going to need him lol. He has been amazing through this, so supportive and helping so much around the house with things I now struggle doing.
Though as many people, I don't think he can comprehend certain things to understand my feelings or what I'm going through etc. But I guess I will get this alot with friends, family and general people who have never experienced this.

Sorry for babbling on lol Alot on my mind at the moment lol

I hope to visit these forums regularly. I think it'll make a nice change to speak to people who fully understand what I'm going through and not doubt me.

Regards to you all

Mystic :)


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    Hi Mystic

    You have so come to the right place - welcome from me :D

    We all have felt this way while trying to find out what is happening to us. It is a scary time - so many different emotions from denial to anger to fear to tears and many more.

    Your partner sounds lovely and i am so glad for you. BUT we still need to 'go on' about our pain a lot more than we can reasonably expect them to put up with (!) so that's where we come in.

    Once you know (was the other connective tisue disorder?) what you have you can researcg it on th A/C site and get informed better. That takes some of the fear from you. Also you will start some meds whcih should satrt to get things under control and prevent damage to your joints.

    Main thing is to keep talking - it really helps :D

    I bawled my eyes out all day every day for weeks and if it hadn't been for this lot... :D

    They are brilliant :D

    You take care


    Toni xx
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    Hello mystic and welcome to this forum.
    Like you say your partner is lovely, but it really helps to talk to people on here, that understand what you are going through.
    I am told I have OA at the min, but being tested for RA has a lot of people are.
    Post any questions you have on LWA you will get lots of support, and come and join us in chit chat, and have some light relief.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon
    Barbara x
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    Hi Mystic

    A warm welcome from me.

    The people on here are very nice friendly people. We try to help support one another giving advice and support when and where needed.

    In some people RA does not show up in the blood tests at first. This is some times why it takes longer to diagnose.

    If you have any questions if you post on the LWA Zone more peeps will see them.

    The CChat Zone is where we go and relax and have a laugh. There are always topics to reply to.

    We also have a cafe where you can call in at anytime and chat to the peeps in there drop in and have a cuppa.

    I hope all goes well for you also hope to see you posting soon.

    Trish xx
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    Hi Mystic and welcome from me too. I only joined recently but I have found that everyone is so friendly and it is great to be able to share with people who really understand what you are going through. So sorry that you may have RA - but pleased that you are close to a diagnosis so you can get the treatment you need and hopefully start to feel better. I too have RA (diagnosed at 28) and I know how scary it can be at the beginning. As you say, you don't know how you will feel if you are given a formal RA diagnosis but, for me, finding out as much as I could about RA helped me to feel more in control - and the Arthritis Care (and Arthritis Research Campaign) have lots of good info. And of course the forum members are a miine of useful information and practical support. There is also the Arthritis Care helpline who you can contact for support by phone (tel no at top of website) or by email.
    Take care. Tilly x
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    Hi mystic, i am 32 and married to a wife that is slowly coming round to my situation.........i have had psoriatic arthritis since my mid twenties too

    you WILL get through this

    good luck and god bless