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Lucy was at the hospital today, as she did not seem to be progressing, they asesed her when she got there and could not decide what to do weather to offer more iv's or to keep as is for a bit longer and see if the mtx kicks in. Well they decided to ultrasound her most painful joints, do u know what they found.........ather is starting to regress!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!
It is slow but it is progress!!!!
They want to keep her on the steriods a bit longer but things are looking hopeful!! The Dr. said some of her pain could now be down to the muscle tension so hopefully the hydro should help.
The downside they suggested relaxing her school hours to give her body a bit more of an energy boost to repare and help fight.
but overall good news!!!


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    glad you've had some good news for a change.

    every little helps in the fight against arthur!!!!

    WOnky xx
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    Oh lucysmum
    That is such good news for you and lucy, at least you know she is getting the right treatment.
    I hope things continue to improve.
    Barbara xx
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    like i said on facebook it's great news :P lets hope she continues down this path and you see more of your little girl come back hugs.