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Hi Everyone

My name is Shazzie I'm 39 years old married with a son aged 4 (tornado). I was diagnoised 7 Weeks ago with R/A. To say I am devasted would be an under-statement.

I woke up this morning (stiff and sore :cry: ). I was feeling pretty low and for the first time felt alone without hope. I found this website and started reading. What a revelation!!! :o

I have been off work since 2nd March. Diagnoised 30th March. Still off work :roll: . I haven't been off sick in over 5 years so this has come as a huge shock not only to me but to my family friends and employer all of whom have acted with the utmost respect and support. I look forward to chatting ranting and general banter with anyone.


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    Hi Shazzie and welcome! So sorry about your RA diagnosis. Many of us here have experienced the shock and devastation of an RA diagnosis (myself included) so you have come to the right place to meet others who will understand what you are going through as you try to come to terms with what is happening to you. Although I have had RA for 14 years I found the forum only recently and everyone is so friendly and helpful – whether you need help with a specific problem, just need to rant or fancy a natter with other like minded souls. So you really are not alone with this horrible disease.
    So glad that your family, friends and employer have been so supportive. I know from my own experience just how much that can help. You don’t say in your post whether you have started any medication yet but I’m guessing that you will have done now that your RA has been diagnosed. So, although it can take time to find the combination of drugs and time for them to kick-in, hopefully you will soon start to feel somewhat better.
    I know from your post that you’ve already been looking around the forum but in case you haven’t already sussed it out – the Living with Arthritis forum is the place to post any arthritis related messages because that’s where most of us look regularly. The Chit-Chat Forum is the place to go for entertainment and light relief. As well as word-games a-plenty and musings on life , the universe and everything, we have a Cafe thread where you can drop in for a natter and where there is often someone online to chat to “in real time” if you need some company. Oh and the cakes are scrummy!
    Look forward to seeing you posting again soon.
    Love Tilly x
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    Hi Tilly
    Thank-you for the warm welcome. It really has lifted me no end today to know I am not alone. You are right on the meds front. I started MTX seven weeks ago and waiting paitently for it to start working. Pain relief is a big issue for me at the mo. I only have paracetamol and this just doesn't work very well. I have a second appointment tomorrow with the Rheumy and thanks to this site I feel more confident attending. I have alot of questions to ask about my treatment and the monitoring of bloods etc.
    The company on this website is so comforting. I am very grateful.

    Shazzie x
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    Hello shazzie
    A very warm welcome from me, I have oa at the min ...they haven't made there mind up
    You have come to the right place, the people on here are so friendly and very supportive.
    It must be hard when you have children, but I am sure when you get the right meds, things will improve.
    We are always here when you want to talk, we also have chitchat, where we have some light relief, come and join us.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Barbara
    Thank-you for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it. I have learned more about R/A and other types of Arthritis in 24 hours on this site then in the last 4 months since this all started. Reading literature is useful but it does not deal with the emotional side. Joining this site does!. I am still learning to navigate this site and maybe making lots of mistakes with postings. I will check out the cafe chat and the chit chat forums as they look like fun.

    Thanks again.
    Love and hugs
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    Hi shazzie

    good to meet you :D

    i see you are already finding your way about the forums :)

    The time of diagnosis is a very hard one isn't it? I went through every emotion there is :roll: I think most of us do/have.

    This is the place to be while you get your head around it all.

    Look foward to seeing you around


    Toni xx
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    Hi Toni

    Its good to meet you too. You are right about the diagnosis. I don't think it hit me at the time. I thought I would take some tablets for a few weeks go back for a review and be "fixed". Naive to say the least on my part :wink: .
    This website is great. I couldn't wait this morning to get back on here. Everyone is so supportive of one another. I am glad to be a part of it.

    Shazzie :D