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Hi there, im in a bit of a predicament. I want or should i say need to lose a few inches off of my waist.

however i have JCA and Ank spon, every joint is affected, and last may i had my first hip replacement. Im 23 im 5'9 and weigh 10stone my waist measures 30inches - i understand if it reaches 32inches i enter 'danger zone'.

Therefore i would like some practical suggestions of exersizes that i CAN do and that wont damage my joints to help reduce this - i would be happy if i could get it back down to 28.5 inches. Or if you could suggest some websites which may contain some helpful advice.

Many thanks, Jenni


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    Check with your doctor but is swimming any good for you. It is low impact so should be fine on your joints and is a good all over work out.
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    i have a tai chi dvd specifically for arthritis, problem is i am not good at motivating myself alone, but when i was able to go to a class i used to find it hepled my knees immensily probably cos it was hepling me to stand properly, pilates was also another good one as it strengthens the core muscles but i cant get up and down off the floor no more
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    I can swim a bit - but not very well, so im not sure it would be very effective.

    I too cant get up and down from the floor.

    I was secifically hoping to target my middle any pilates exersizes that can help do this?

    Thanks, jen x x x
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    Hi Jenni

    Would you be able to do either of these exercises?

    Twist your torso. Stand with feet apart and clasp your hands behind your head. Twist at the waist to the left, and then back to center. Twist to the right and back to center. Each time, twist a little farther.

    Bend to the side. Standing straight with your feet apart, hold a three- to five-pound dumbbell in one hand while bending your waist in the opposite direction. Repeat on the other side.

    Elna x
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    Hi Jenifur,

    I wonder whether you've downloaded our booklet' exercise and arthritis' yet?

    Your GP or rheumatologist can refer you for physiotherapy, and you might consider doing a class like aerobics in water (but you will need trial and error to find the right kind of exercise that suits you)

    I hope that helps

  • jenifur
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    Not really very helpful, but thanks anyway. im seeing my rheumy on tues so im going to ask him to refer me back to the physio. kill two birds with one stone - i need some new exersizes for my rib pain anyway.