Flare up in a single joint?

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I'm looking for some advice as I've had an entirely new experience today which may or may not be RA-related. I've had seronegative inflammatory arthritis for over 3 years but it's well-controlled with sulphasalazine and my doctor says there has been no joint erosion and my prognosis is good. I have occasional puffiness and stiffness in various joints, usually when I'm run down, and have had trouble with fatigue, but I'm generally healthy.

Toward the end of work today I felt some stiffness and pain in my left knee joint. It's now been several hours and it's extremely painful and I can't put weight on it. I think the upper part of the fluid-filled sac around it is swollen - it feels puffier on that side and a bit like it did when I first got the arthritis. But I've never felt pain like this with the arthritis or had such a rapid (and late in the day) onset of inflammation in a single joint.

If anyone has had any experience of this or has any advice, I'd be evry grateful. I live far from my rheumatologist so will go see my GP if I'm still unable to walk in the morning, but would welcome some advice from arthritis knowledgeable people as well.



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    Hi there,

    Thank you for your enquiry to us at Helplines. I apologise for the delay in responding, but we've been very busy with Arthritis Care Awareness Week. Your situation really needs medical advice - someone would need to examine you and advise accordingly. You can ring the rheumatology specialist nurse and follow their suggestion or contact your GP.

    I hope things work out quickly.