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Hello so glad I found this site!

loopylouloopylou Posts: 175
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I have said hello on another thread and was advised to start my own hello topic so I have!
I'm 26 and was diagnosed with PA in Oct although suffered with joint problems for years. Was put on a dose of 4 sulphasalazine a day but have recently had this increased to 6 as I was still having a lot of problems with my knee swelling.
My job is quite demanding as I work in a schools out club where we have to set everything up and put everything away morning and night. I adapted how I moved but this has ended up with me getting painful arc syndrome in my shoulder. Am now spending my days between shifts filling out application forms for a new job as I realise I can't carry on how I am. Here's hoping!!!
Just keep plodding along singing a song


  • tillytoptillytop Posts: 3,460
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hello Loopylou - love the name! Sorry about your diagnosis but glad you find the forum. You will find that everyone is really friendly and you will find lots of others in a similar situation to share with.
    So welcome - and good luck with the job hunt!
    Love Tilly x
  • loopylouloopylou Posts: 175
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    aww thank you tilly! several people at work call me loopy lou so thought it would b a good name to use.
    its nice being able to chat to people and ask advice off people who know what it feels like to ache everyday!
    i often feel that workmates have no idea how i feel and that i'm putting it on.
    loopy :D
    Just keep plodding along singing a song
  • tillytoptillytop Posts: 3,460
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi again Loopylou - I know exactly what you mean about thinking people feel you're "putting it on". Only the other day a good friend of mine asked how I was feeling cos she knows I'm going through a rough time at the moment and when I said "like crap" (not my usual turn of phrase but I was unwell and very down), she said to me "well you look good for someone who feels like crap"! I know she meant well and was just trying to be encouraging but it left me feeling like a complete fraud. But you will get lots of advice and general good chit-chat on here from people who really understand. Love Tilly x
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