A bit fed up

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Hi I just need a bit of advice Im not having a good day today Im in so much pain :(
Also my face is all brown blotches which looks like skim pigmentation is more noticeable across my nose & cheeks but it is all across my mouth too.Im shattered & just dont no what to do as I am using a high factor skin lotion.

Any ideas?
Thankyou tjc


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    Hi tjc,

    sorry to hear that your pain is bad today. I hope you can look after yourself and get through it.

    I'm not able to say much about your skin issue, that's one for someone medically qualified, based on your medical history, medications etc. If you do know that one of your meds is known for skin sensitivity then you may want to keep well out of the sun too.

    I hope that is helpful

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    hi tjc
    sorry you are so bad ((())) to help you through go to doc and find out what is causing it val