to fuse or not to fuse......

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Does anyone have information about fusing an arthritic ankle. My doctor suggests that this is all that will help, he is very resistant to considering any other forms of help. I would like more information to help me decide.


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    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. Ankle problems can be really difficult for people to decide about so I realise that you may want to take your time over this one. We can't paste a link on this question as our articles are hard copies I'm afraid. Can you email us your full name and address (mention ankle problems/fusion) to and we will send you information to read. If you'd prefer to talk over the options, we'd signpost you to a physiotherapist as they can be very helpful on these kinds of issues (especially if they work in an orthopaedic clinic and help people over surgical recovery.)

    I hope we can help further