Night time horror story!

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Well what a wacky fun filled night that was! after getting all our baggage in and paying off the porters, (if you see the amount of luggage our 14 year old daughter had you would understand!). We went exploring, well if this place is 5 star accommodations as stated in the brochure then I’m a Dutchman so call me Sven from now on.
The house is old and dark and showing signs of disrepair very much like me then!, it’s got a cellar that is really cold and I upset Hannah by mentioning the film decent while we were down there, lets just say it didn’t go down well, I then compounded the problem by then stating the place was haunted. Well apart from that everything was going well until T time, Mandy feed the dogs the left over’s and shortly after Ozzy started acting really odd, he kept licking the diled floor and when we took him outside he kept really going crazy eating grass like it had gone out of fashion he also kept trying to be sick.
A trip to a vet was only just avoided by specking to one on the phone and at 9 o’clock at night I guess he wasn’t to keen to travel over to see one sick pup, so with a bit of advice and reassurance we started on the alcohol!, well by the time we went to bed we were all well oiled and the dog looked to be OK, well thought beer glasses he did.
So off to bed we all trot, I was having one of me weird Notryptaline dreams when all of a sudden I’m woken by the sound of a dog blowing chunks so I sit up in bed only to find Ozzy chundering up on the bed, ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!, panic dog gets hoofed onto the floor then barfs on the wifes flip flops, what targeting I thought!.
Well in the ensuing panic the dog buggers off down stairs, I am tasked with going and getting a bucket of soapy water and cleaning cloth etc, so on me arthritic knees I hobble down the wooden hil and as I get to the bottom I just start to turn to the left to go to the kitchen when something catches my attention out of the corner of my right eye, so naturally I look into the darkened front room only to be greeted by the site of Ozzy turning out a very large pooh on the large white rug in the middle of the room!, AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!, God what a bloody mess, this all kicked off at 04.00 hrs by the time we got into bed it was 05.30, so here I sit and I feel totally knackered, but hey at least the dog seems fine now!.


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    Oh dear mate...................(he says stiffling a laugh)......
    (note to self........practice sincerity)

    Seems like not the best night ever....(still giggling)...

    I hope things improve......(hehehe).

    All the best mate................

    Rob x a045.gif
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    Now I've stopped laughing I can post. Oh mellman, this holiday has not got off to a good start has it? You poor thing, I send you sympathy and I hope everything starts improving from here-on-in. DD (who's off for another chortle)
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    Hi Sven

    oh yes and a good weekend was had by all eh???

    Thanks for the laugh - so sorry I did :oops: thorougghly ashamed i am :oops: :(

    But that's it worst over. You will ahve a lovely (if wet) break form now on.

    Hey dont you regret the booze when you wkae up in teh middle of the nigght and you havent slept it off yet?


    Toni xx
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    Oh my :shock: :shock:

    It can only get better, surely?

    Aside from laffing,hope everyone is ok.

  • joanlawson
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    Hi Mell

    As I said yesterday, it could only happen to you :!: :!: :shock: :shock: It just had to be a WHITE rug, didn't it? I thought you were going to say that you met a ghost when you caught sight of something downstairs. That really would have made for an interesting night!!! Glad Ozzy is OK anyway.

    In the words of the song, things can only get better :!:
    What's the weather like in the Lake District, by the way :?:
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    Mell, you are clearly having one of those holidays to remember......but for all the wrong reasons! We used to take our Labrador on holiday with us and she invariably ate something she shouldn't on the beach, usually with devastating results!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday, Mell - it can only go up from here!

  • tkachev
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    Todays tears of laughter trophy is awarded to Mellman. You are in very good company Mellman.

    But I hope it hasnt caused your knee probs and spoilt your holiday.
    Best wishes
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    Mell you will laugh about it one day.....sorry I did :lol::lol: hope you really enjoy the rest of It :)
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    Hi all dog's still fine god no what it was but he wasn't right, just could not believe what he had eaten, after he finished there was nothing left in the young buggers stomach, and an hour after we arrived he pissed on a rug so I imagine he feels he's done the hat trick, by god dealing with dog fud at 4 in the morning isn't a good idea I was gagging for a long time fecking dog!, bin raining here all day so did do much, necks been painful so had a couple of Tramadol's and a kip feel better now, just keeping an eye on captain wommit just in case, fecking dog always pulls a stunt like this when we take him anywhere.

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