We got a 2nd Foal :-)

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Another filly very like the first but half the size :D Nice and easy and ever so quick.... much better than last year....... she was way overdue last year and had an elephant!

At the mo she is called Blossom but daylight may change that..... :wink:

She intends to wonder into in boxes as soon as we have checked she has drunk......

You all take care and 2 more yet to go but not for a few weeks now... well..... one is kinda thinking about it..... Cris x


  • snowball
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    Cris I've just seen the pics, she's beautiful you must be very proud. You rest up now.

    Love julie xx
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    Hi Cris, congratulations on your new arrival, bet you;re relieved its over for the time being. Hope mother and foal are well. Lots of hugs for you ((((((((())))))))), hope you manage to get some sleep ad rest now awhile as I know you have an early start. Where are the photos, please, I'd love to see them too. Best wishes, Brenda xx :D:D:D
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    Yippee! DD
  • sheltiebud
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    congratulation on your new baby foal

    I used to be a riding instructor and owned ponies for years they are my first love
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    What a lovely start to the day, those pics!!

    She is another little beauty Cris. Well done Mama.

    Hugs for Primmy, who musn`t be left out.

    Much love........Ange.
  • elnafinn
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    Aw, Cris, grand news. Pleased to hear things went smoothly. Just received news from Vonski and she mentioned that an addition to your family was imminent. :D:D:D

    Remember you need to look after yourself too but you must be on cloud 9 with this new little one.

    Elna x
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    Hi Cris

    What can i say....... :?:

    she is beautiful :D

    that's it folks - we'll get nothing out of Cris now.....she'll be foal-watching (a very restful and time consuming pastime I beleive)

    Daisy wants to know if she has one the sweep?


    Toni xx
  • barbara12
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    Morning Cris
    What a lovely start to sunday morning......thanyou so much for the pics ....you must be shattered but so very HAPPY..she is a little STAR bless her..sorry I am going on but its really dose lift you..
    You try and get some rest..lots of love Barbara xx Ohhhhh :):):)
  • valval
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    thanks cris they look great hope you got some rest do not know how you manage well done val
  • wibberley
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    Many thanks for the pics Cris - she looks adorable!

    You must be shattered - hope you are getting some well deserved rest now!

    Lois x
  • skezier
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    Hi All,

    Oh suddenly Primmy looks huge :lol::lol::lol: In fairness she isn't small but she looks so much bigger than she did yesterday..... :lol::lol::lol:

    Bit of a nose out of joint thing and Flower is being a bit protective despite the fact Primmy is more than capable of looking after her self :wink:

    I was concerned about this one cus of last years and that was a bad foaling...... this one 35 mins all done..... except 3rd stage but that's always longer.

    She is being protected by mum who has decided she isn't friendly to me but the same look in the face and the same want to be friendly as Primmy has so in a day or so mum will be back to her self and I might be the proud auntie of 2 intimidating horrors bouncing me :lol::lol::lol:

    There is a bit of break in the clouds today and a bit of sun but I think she will meet rain soon.... I hope not but.....

    Right thinking about names for 3 and 4 cus I am running out of ideas now.... Annie gave us Rowan for a boy and I like that one but the owner... well he doesn't name them..... he dos use the names I come up with though...... :oops: :lol::lol::lol: I have called this mare a very bad name :lol::lol: She did used to look like one though a a baby...... :lol::lol:

    Hi Brenda,

    Will pm you about the pics. xx

    Hi Sheltiebud,

    Nice to meet you :D ad snap! Long ago was a stud manager and instructor but could never earn enough so changed direction. Went into dressage and that's the first thing the oa took cus of being marked down for suppleness in the lower back :wink:

    These are a way to keep in touch with horses and (supposedly) make a bit of money from the fields. They are in foal to a Welsh vanner type, coloured but quite a nice horse. Their owner want coloured but the two so far are bay and mostly bay, I kinda prefer solid colours.

    Worked with T/B's and so would have used a bit of blood on the mares though these may get heavy but they are quite well put together, even without my bias cus I loves them :lol::lol::lol:

    Hope your doing ok and would you be up for the foal sitting rota for 3 and 4 please..... tell you I am feeling old and did 2 nights for this one and honestly couldn't have done a 3rd :roll: Oh to be young again :lol::lol: Cris x

    You all take care and I shall go sit quietly in hedge and see if I can help Primmy to be nice again :wink:
  • dachshund
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    Thank you Cris.
    the photo's are lovely.
    you will need your sleep all the running a round you are doing.
    take care and have plenty of rest,
    joan xx
  • joanlawson
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    Hi Cris

    Glad to hear of the arrival of Blossom, and thank you for the photos. My daughter-in-law is horse mad, and has a horse of her own ( Woody) so I will show her the photos. She will love to see them.

    Take care, and a big purr from Tommy

  • annie_mial
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    She's lovely, Cris............hope the others give you a break for a week or so and then co-operate and appear at reasonable times!

  • lindalegs
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    Hi Cris,

    She's beautiful and looks as good on her legs as I am :roll: .....though she'll improve with age ......not so sure about me though :wink::lol::lol:

    Enjoy watching Blossom grow.

    Luv Legs :D
  • tillytop
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    Hey Cris - congratulations on the new arrival! Hope you stick with the name "Blossom" cos it's beautiful! Love Tilly x
  • skezier
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    Hi Joan, Joan, Annie, Legs and Tilly,

    I think I will stick with Blossom cus she was born under the may blossom in this field..... Bless her came so fast and it was cool, raining and blowing up a storm! She got a bit of sun today and Legs she is a bit firmer on her legs now :wink: Its really amazing isn't it how long they are.... if I remember rightly the legs don't grow too much, about 6" i think but memory isn't what it was.... she will be taller than mum but not more than a pony though...... she might make 13.3 or there abouts...... Sorry boring now! :oops:

    She has very odd face marking that became obvious in daylight but..... well bit of chalk... :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I shall be out with the camera as ever but Primmy... now she really is jealous and a bit OTT as well...... She is saying she didn't ask for a half sister so whats it dong here! Bless her both Flower and i have been trying to teach her some manners today :lol::lol::lol:

    Don't forget names fr 3 and 4..... I like do like Rowan for a boy and I think one might be Clover if she is a girl but this is a bit like chickens before they hatch and its going to be 2-3 weeks yet.....

    You all take care Cris xx
  • ironic
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    Hi Cris,
    Thank you for the photo’s really loved them. What a night, hope the weather has improved.
    The flashes of white really stand out in the dark. She looks to have the same coloured socks as mum.
    Sorry I’m late, been having comp problems. Had to get a new tower and update. I seem to be having a bad time of it recently. I have already, been forced to buy a new cooker. Now the car is on its way out. Always happens when I’m broke. No retirement for me then. But I can now do smiles! Not as green as cabbage looking. Ha Ha.
    Primrose is a wee bit jealous then? Well, cannot really blame her can you? She’s going have her nose out of joint when the other two arrive. How’s the girls, shivering without their winter coats?
    Good job you did not go to the sale...You have got to be so tired. I know you have got your hands full, but please look after yourself as well.
    Lots of Love,Ix
  • skezier
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    Hi I,

    Its good to see you and so sorry about all the expenses you have had of late..... I know about not ever retiring... mind not old enough yet but think I will always have to earn money.... do this care.... do they hell :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    There are some daylight ones but I am all behind.... too much much foal watching eh? :wink:

    Primrose will always have a special place in my heart... she is Flowers and like Flo they are special cus of their mum :D

    I was out this afternoon just trying to win the feral mares trust a bit and Primmy was laid down..... She let me sit beside her and even put her head on my lap... she knows she is special and sometimes.... that..... makes her a 'little' dangerous :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    You take care and there are more to come cus she has the weirdest face markings..... but your right like her mum the white legs and she has a bit of white on her bum like her mum as well... she is so small and def a bit prem but she is doing so well and mum is seriously a good mum.

    Love and ((((( ))))) Cris xx

    I forgot to say again anyone who would like some pics pm me and we can sort out some for you x
  • elnafinn
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    Hi Cris

    Thank you so much for getting the piccies to me via Vonski. :) There are so many and Blossom looks sooooo cute. They are lovely pictures and a wonderful memory of events. Thanks for thinking of me. I know you have been through the wringer and back but I do hope this this little treasure makes up for everything along with all the rest of your brood.

    Elna x
  • skezier
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    Hi Elna,

    Glad you got them and there are some daylight ones and today I got a really lovely one of her, she has really grown cus she was a bit of early foal... so will the next one be with a bit of luck cus its huge already :shock:

    Bless Vonski for passing them on to you and I hope Lola liked her? About the right size at the mo actually... unlike he other one who is huge now :lol::lol::lol: ((( ))) Cris xx Oh I am starting to feel a bit more human now after the drip so .... :D

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