spoke too soon !!!

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went to see the consultant in April for check up on TKR and THR my other hip also, we decided that while the medication I am taking is controlling my pain I would leave having my hip done. When the meds stop working then I would have it done. Guess what these past few weeks I have been in a lot of discomfort and have had to increase my tabs I am on maximum now of all my tabs. I didn't want the hip done this year I needed a break from surgery I shall plod on as long as I can but the inevitable is on the horison.Has this happened to anyone else it's a bit like having toothache and then when you go to the dentist it goes.


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    Hiya Wend :(

    Oh B*m!!!

    This is so very annoying. When do you next see the ortho??

    Anything else they can give you to help you hang on in there a bit longer?

    I know you needed a break from surgery, but Oh Wend :(

    Hugs ((((()))))


    Toni xx
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    Know how you feel Had my first THR done 12th Feb and I was told the other one had to be done but I though "Oh next year" but I've seen a copy letter from my ortho to my GP saying how well I had gone through the 1st THR and he was going to discuss the 2nd one when he saw me....which is FRIDAY!!!!!!! I didnt really want it so soon.
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    Hi Wendy,

    that is S*DS LAW!! Whenever I went to see the consultant in Bristol I would be on a good day and then on returning home a bad spell would kick in ...

    When planning/choosing when to go for the op, bear in mind that we wait til we are desperate and then of course have to join a waiting list ....

    Hope the pain eases up again soon.


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