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hello everyone
i hope you are all ok this nice weather, i been thinking about thursday when i go to the C A B about appealing against them to giving me my D L A at any rate, i have been reading the pain survey and thought it really showed how arthur does effect us, what i was wondeing is it worth me printing it off and taking it will me on thursday

just been thinking about it all now i had a chance to reflect, and also after seeing that on the i player about ESA it showed me that the only ones that will win will be them if i let them get away with it, i think it a really sad state of affairs if we so desperate for people to work that we got to harass the ones we should be helping, something not right somewhere.


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    Hi Sylvia

    I am so glad you have your strength of purpose back - welll done.

    That film helped you get it back. Good.

    Yes print it off and take it you have to do whatever it takes - it can be attached to the appeal no problem.

    They shouldnt be allowee to keep treating genuine claimants like this should they?


    Toni xx
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    i hope this dont sound bad but now i had a chance to reflect ( i like that word ) i relise that they had no intension on giving me it and they had the cheak to send that jobs worth doctor who was very clearly thinking i was a fraud and a cheat, oh it makes me mad, i tell you something as i told hubby when i go on thursday i going to tell the lady from the C A B excatly what went on and i put a nail in his coffin thats for sure, as my own dad used to say its dont matter how high up they are, that just means the harder they fall, hope that makes sense anyway to sum up if they want a fight they will get one.

    after all we starting of with my son's school so we can get in some practice :):):):):)

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