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I've just stumbled across this site by chance and have found lots of useful stuff.

I'm David and was diagnosed as having OA in my left hip in 2008. The consultant didn't beat around the bush, his 1st words were "You need a hip replacement now". I went away to have a think and decided against it. I was a fit male, still young (45 at the time) and (in my mind) I could still do things.
In 2009 after a severe episode of pain I realised that I had a real problem. Actually it wasn't the pain, the dawning came when I instinctively tried to run after something and found that I couldn't. For a sports mad individual that moment was shattering and humbling. I was mortal and couldn't deny what everybody else had already spotted. So it was back to the consultant in Jan 2010, who was slightly amazed that I was actually able to walk unaided (I found that worrying). We agreed to arrange another visit in July at which point I'll decide what I want done.
Until recently I thought I could delay a THR for another year or so but recent developments have convinced me otherwise. Not least the increasing occurrence of sleepless nights, and more worryingly my right knee is starting to hurt (I tore a tendon in Dec while foolishly gardening). In addition the voices of concern have become increasingly louder and more frequent.

Enough of the rambling. I'm sure that I'll be doing the THR in the next few months. What can I expect post-op in the short-, medium- and long-term? Fore-warned is fore-armed and it's about time I asked for help.

Because of injuries suffered during football and karate I also have a fear that my other hip and both knees (one has been troublesome since my teens) will be undergoing the 'bionic' replacement. Has anybody had to do anything as drastic?

In case anybody is wondering my username relates to my denial, for at least 2 years prior to initial diagnosis that i had actually started to limp and that my gait had changed.



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    Hiya David

    good to meeet you :D

    Loads of people on here have ahad tehir hips done and some very recently - get yourself over on teh living with arthritis site and you will see some threads still there.

    If they have gone AWOL then you can serach THR.

    I hope you ahvent been eraing away any other joints David :roll:

    Denial is ok and denial is normal - we all gave that one a go I reckon :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Hi David - and welcome from me too! Like Babycham, I "am rheumatoid not osteo" but there are lots of folks on here with osteo so you are in good company! Look forward to seeing you posting again soon. Love Tilly x