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Hiya my name is joann,im 30 years old & have had OA for the last couple of years, im currently waiting for an operation to take what cartldge i have left out of my knees and growing more but stilll waiting!! ive been looking for something like this for the last couple of years and noticed a letter in our local letters page of the sunderland echo, hope u can all help me
jo-ann :!: :o


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    Hi Jo-ann - glad you have found us and welcome to the forum! There are lot of folks on here with OA so you will be in good company and everyone is really friendly. As you will see as you look around, we have the "Living with Arthritis" forum which is the best place to post specific questions as most people look there. We also have the "Chit-Chat" forum for general light-hearted chat and banter - this includes the "cafe" where there is usually someone to talk to - and where the virtual cakes are wonderful! Look forward to your posts. Love Tilly x
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    Hello Joan
    you have come to the right place
    the people on here are so friendly and very supportive of one another.
    Post your question in living with arthur,I am sure some one will come up with some answers for you.
    Sorry I cant be more help.
    Barbara x
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    Hi Jo-ann

    Good to meet you :D

    As you can see this is a lovley place to be where you can ask advive, have a lugh and sometimes just moan....something we dont want to keep on doing to our families :wink:

    Sunderland eh?

    I am from The Midlands xx :oops:


    Toni xx
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    hi joann, i am 32 and from Sunderland too