Tennis, what a racket.

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I used to love playing tennis, and watching it too. Now I can only watch, and boy is my enjoyment being spoiled. It's sooo noisy.

The men grunt and groan like constipated oxen, or oxen on the point of orgasm. The women shriek and wail like banshees, sometimes at a pitch only dogs can hear. Is it any wonder then that my favourite players are a certain Mr Federer (not a sound) and Mademoiselle J Henin (only the ocasional little 'houf'). Both gifted players who don't have to make a noise to prove they're working.

Andy Murray used to be quiet, but even he now is beginning to grunt and sigh. He does so as his game declines, shuts up as it improves. That tells you something, doesn't it? I am sure it's an affectation, the trendy thing to do. I wish they'd shut up. Dreamdaisy


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    Hi DD
    i agree with you. i'm sure if the keep quiet they would do better.
    i liked boris becker and andy rodick.
    joan xx
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    Becker had skill, but Roddick to me was a one-trick pony. A booming serve and little else, I always found his games rather dull but, in alll fairness, he has improved in recent years.

    One of the joys of Murray is the skill and touch he demonstrates, he does have such a variety of game it's a joy to watch.

    Lord how I miss playing. Fabulous forehand, appalling backhand, and a serve slower than Frankie Durr's. Remember her?! Going back a bit, I have to say.! DD

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