leflunomide and blood pressure problems

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Has anyone had bp problems whilst on Leflunomide. I have been on ot for about 7 weeks but they cannot get bp down. Dr recently doubled the dose of meds but it is still too high. Saw Rheumy nurse last week who told me to return to dr's to get different meds, I go on Friday. I am also on 20 mg MTX injection. Has anyone had to stop Leflunomide because of bp problems.
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    I started leflunomide 3 weeks ago was on MTX injections before. No body is checking my blood pressure so I have no idea if its gone up! Think I might start checking it. High blood pressure is listed as one of the possible side effects so I imagine that if they can't get your blood pressure down they will take you of leflunomide and try something else.

    Good luck

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    Hi there

    I am on leflunomide (as well as Methotrexate) Leflunomide has increased my BP and my GP has had to increase and increase again BP medication to control it (more tablets!).

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    Oh Englishrose

    Sounds possible doesnt it?

    I am sorry if it's working :(



    Toni xx

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