do we just carry on??

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Lucy has been on mtx for about 14 weeks or so and the docs have started to reduce the steriods. during this time she has been complaining of a little more pain but no more than she has in the past and no where near as bad as she was before treatment. I am to ring the hospital with an update this week before seeing them on the 9th. My query is do i persever with the reduction and not make a big deal of the small flare or do i tell them i want her seen sooner and maybe put of the reduction of the steriods??
I wnt things to progres and need to see if the mtx is having an affect but while she has been on 20mg a day for quite a while and is now reduced to 10 i can not tell what is helping and what is not!! Any advice would be helpful, i feel like either way she is still gonna be in a bit more pain!!!!!!


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    That's a very tough one to answer hugs. I think for me I would continue with the reduction of steroids or possibly reduce slower. I think only you will know your child best. Is she actually having a flare up now or is this the worst she's ever been?

    The problem is if you don't try and reduce the steroids then you'll never know if mtx is actually doing the job. Kayleigh no longer has steroids however now she is off fully and just on mtx, ibuprofen and paracetamol the dr's have decided that she def needs steroid injections direct into the affected joints which are still giving her grief.

    I'm personally happier she's off steroids as having one strong med given to her every week I feel is more than enough.

    How does her physio feels she's moving now? can she start to see (even if only slight) increase in mobility in the joints affected and range of movement on the rise. Kayleigh's physio said that we would probs start to see that before the pain decreased I'm not sure if that was true as it kinda all happened at the same time or so i thought but they kept saying her range is improving yet I wasn't see it :S

    hugs and hope you can find the right solution for the two of you hugs xxx

    Michelle xxx