For All Those going Through The ESA Nightmare

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Have a look at this its VERY interesting, looks like the politicians are starting to take notice, and this isnt just for Scotland its for the whole of the UK.


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    Hi Happyfeet

    Very interesting link.

    Keep our paws crossed :lol:

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    There seem to be a lot of different threads about ESA and this seemed as good a place as any to ask has anyone been successful in obtaining ESA for Arthritis?
    Anecedotal evidence I have heard includes the info that ATOS are targeted for ESA claims. There are a list of prequalified conditions for ESA and DLA and Arthritis isnt one of them ( nine million sufferers) and never will be. If you can attend an assessment or indeed complete the forms online or in person then you are capable of work. The new Government is under pressure to reduce public spending and it seems inevitable that the goal posts for qualifying for benefit either ESA or DLA are going to be moved once again.
    With something as subjective as personal discomfort being unmeasurable how can the system ever be fair?