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I'm 35, I have 2 lovely children (4 and 5 years) and I have recently been diagnosed with Arthritis, after suffering and spending 2 years hoping it would just go away.

At the moment I'm still having test after test to try and find out what's going on, RA has been ruled out along with several other conditions.

I have some kind of arthritis that is affecting most of the joints throughout my body (esp, knees, feet, hips, elbows and wrists), I had a steroid injection 3 months ago which was great!!... but now the creaks are back much worse than ever, and I can't have another injection until December.

Generally speaking I'm not an ill person, I am sociable and love life, but I have to say recently the creaks are getting the better of me and life is getting tough.

I'm glad I found this web site,


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    Hello Jenifer
    A very warm welcome to this forum,you will find the people on here really supportive and friendly.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara x
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    hi janifer. sorry to hear about your arther but from what i have read so far on this forum this is definitely the place for support, understanding and fun.
    hope you get your aches under control soon especially when you have two little ones to care for.
    i am a newbie too but i must say everyone is welcoming and friendly. mx
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    It's nice to have found somewhere I can talk about Arthur, I try not to go on too much in front of the kids and hubby (G) but sometimes it needs to come out a bit :o)

    Anyway did see the Dr yesterday and got some stronger tablets so can use my arms much better today, which in my book, is a good day, so I'm off out.

    Thank you for being so welcoming,
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    Hello and welcome from me too! Glad you have found this site, but sorry you have needed to!
    Everyone here is really friendly and you will always find a listening ear (or several!) and good advice and support from people who really understand what you are going through. For general questions, best place to post is the "Living with Arthritis" forum because we all look there. And we have the Chit-Chat forum for more lighthearted stuff - including a cafe and a garden which are worth a visit.
    Glad your arms are better today and hope you enjoy your time out!
    Love Tilly x

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