High liver results

trisher Member Posts: 9,263

I wonder if you can tell me the names of the tests they do to make sure your liver is ok with the meds they give you.

I went to the hospital today to see the Rheummy. They told me that my liver tests were still very high. The doctor did mention the name but I cannot remember.

I was told today that generally people's results are 50.

They have done mine twice and I had to have it done again and wait for the result. Well it came back the same as the last 2 tests had shown that my is 1,050.

I wanted to read up on this but cannot remember the name they called it.

It is getting me down as I cannot have my meds increased, also they generally give me a Medrone injectiont to help me until I can get on a higher dose of the meds but today they said they better not give me one because of the result I have.

I wanted to try and read about it to try and understand about it.

While I'm like this the RA OA is getting worse. I feel really down now, nothing is going right at all at the moment.

Thank You Trisher