JIA in middle age.

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I'm struggling to find any info on JIA in adulthood. Have found plenty about how it affects children and young people.

I know it is similar to RA but there are definitely differences and I'm getting frustrated with all the shoulder shrugging of Rheumy's whenever I ask a question!

I'm beginning to think that at 44 I'm the oldest JIA sufferer around! If so, surely that qualifies me for some kind of medal! :)

Do you know of anywhere I can read up about it. Even Google has precious little to offer!

Lois x


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    Hi Lois

    I'm sorry to hear your rheumy hasn't been of much help. You are certainly not the oldest person out there with JIA, as we know many a lot older.

    If there is specific information you would like to know about perhaps you could give us a call to discuss them or email, or private message us and we will do our best to answer queries. As you say it is similar to RA and that is probably why there is so little out there specific to adults with JIA.

    Another option would be to post your queries on the Living with Arthritis Forum as I am certain there will be other adults with JIA out there with similar experiences or concerns who may be able to help from first hand experience.

    Just remember you are not alone and we are just a phone call away if you would like to talk to us.

    Best wishes

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    Many thanks,

    Lois x
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    Hi Lois,

    Can't help flower but wanted to leave you a (((( )))) and sorry the rumo wasn't much help for you. Another (((( )))) and Rowan sends a gentle shove :wink: Luv Cris xx

    Oh leaving some CDM for Simona and the helpline folk cus I haven't for a while :roll:
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    Thanks Cris and Lynn,

    Yup, all the stuff I find ends with 'in some cases the sufferer may grow out of it'.

    I haven't, so what now??? I do hope that in the future more info does become more readily available as it's obvious from posts on the Young People's forum that there are a lot of us around!

    Even the title of our illness changes. When I was first diagnosed it was called Still's Disease, then Chronic Juevenile Arthritis and now JIA!

    Lynn - touch wood (touches head) I'm still headache free. I hope you are feeling better? I love this sunshine but the glare off all the shiney surfaces can trigger my headaches in an instant!

    Cris - I hope Rowan is doing well - he is absolutely gorgeous and his markings are so like his mum's. Our horse was mucking about the other day and hurt his hoof - bit scary at the time but no permenant damage done!

    Lois x