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I'm Mick 49 years old have been living with pa for past 15 years only just found this site which i think could be a big help as this disease does make you feel isolated. anybody help with ways to help with the isolation? :?


  • trisher
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    Hi Micky

    A warm welcome from me.

    If you have felt isolated you could not have come to a better Site than this.

    At times and when we are in pain you do feel isolated. People just do not understand if they are not suffering from it.

    They are lots of nice people on here. If you have any questions, post on Living With Arthritis many people will answer you on there.

    Don't be affraid to ask questions. In time people will be asking you questions as well.

    There is also the CChat Forum which is more light hearted. There are lots of topics that you are welcome to join in and put your views.

    Well have a look around. You are not alone any more.

    Trish xx
  • mickey49
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    Will have a look around the site, thanks for the advice. mick xx :)
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    Hi to you. I've had PA for thirteen years, but wasn't diagnosed as such until 3.5 years ago 'cos I didn't really have the P bit - only two episodes to date. I agree with you about the isolation, that is sometimes worse than the disease itself. I like to think that we are a little more exclusive than the RA and OA people - we're very outnumbered! Please post - many join then disappear, adn we need more male opinions - I take it you are male? Dreamdaisy (a girl)
  • mickey49
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    Yes i'm male. had p all my life and was digonosed with pa about 6 years ago (although i had the symptoms for about 15 years kept getting fobbed off by doctors). its a nightmare to live with and as you say noone understands unless theve had it. mick x :)
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    Hi Mick

    Glad to see you have found the cafe! Great place place to start!
    Welcome to the forum and look forward to seeing you posting.
    Love TIlly x
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    Hi Mickey
    Its good to have you joining us,you will gets lots of support on hear, and hopefully not feel so isolated.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon
  • bubbles
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    Hi Mick and welcome to the forum, you are not isolated any more, you are amongst like minded people, who suffer from all forms of arthritis and subsequent problems. People are really friendly and will offer advice, support, a listening ear. Feel free to rant and rave, we all do from time to time, pop into the cafe for a natter, tell us how your days have been. Look forward to seeing you posting. Take care, XXXX Bubbles.
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    Hi Mickey

    Sorry for the late welcome - I do appologise.

    Not isolated any more :)

    Look forward to seeing you around and about.


    Toni xx

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