Wish us luck please

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Tomorrow is going to be such a long day.

Got a two hour train ride, no food from 7.30, then ultrasound of hips followed by an MRI of jaw and neck then another two hour trip by train back home.

Dreading it, I know what to expect with Kayleigh having a GA (for the MRI) but it's not making it any easier. Last one she had (back in January) she was in mid scream when the put her to sleep and her eyes rolled back of her head and she went totally limp so not looking forward to that experience again.

Oh and pleaseeeeee help me what on earth shall i do to entertain a 4 year old on a train that isn't allowed ANY food eeeek lol

Michelle xxx


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    Hi Michelle,

    Hope all goes well for you tomorrow and i do wish you the best of luck.
    To amuse your 4yr old .. colouring, spotting things out of the window..
    look for all the red things, now blue etc depending on (dont want to sound rude) but childs ability to know the name of things, child snap picture cards, sticking pictures ( glue stick coloured tissue paper) dont forget your wet wipes! If likes to write, copy letters you have drawn while teaching new words. Dont forget favourite story book. Hope that has given you some ideas,

    good luck again and let us know how you got on.

    Rose x
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    Hi Michele

    I'm not much help but will be thinking about you
    and both in my prayers
    Take care you will soon be at home again
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    Hi Michelle, only just spotted your post, sorry.

    Sounds like one challenging day, for both of you. By the time you read this you'll both be home.


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    Thanks everyone it went ok. She's been as good as gold. She has bloods taken every 4 weeks and prefers the cream to the spray. She even likes to watch them take her blood lol so up Bristol I told anethatist that she liked to watch and she said that's ok she can watch now.

    Bless her she watched them put the needle in not a sound came from her then put the milk in again not a sound (so different from last time when she was in mid scream when they put her to sleep). Took a bit longer than they would like to wake up but tickling did the job.

    She's just got anesthetic side effects at the moment of a sore throat and feeling sick dr has given difflam spray for throat. She seems much better today compared to yesterday so another quiet day at home is needed thank goodness for back gardens lol
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    Hi Michelle, you must be very proud of Kayleigh, she is a real "pro" isn't she. You must have prepared her well. Hope the affects of the GA wear off soon, poor thing. Some gentle playing in the back garden and icecreams all round should do the trick.

    When do you get the results?